Missing Verses in Tongan Bible

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Several verses in the 1966 (New) translation of the Tongan Bible are missing, e.g., the first three verses of Ezek. 3. I believe these verses are present in the West translation of the late 1800's. (The verses in question are not those that are found in the KJV and other "traditional" verions but missing from many of the newer versions.)
I have asked a number of Tongan pastors about this; the best guess we have come up with is that because verses 1 and 4 start out quite similarly, the translators must have accidentally skipped over the intervening verses.
I believe something similar is thought to have happened at one point in the copying of some of the Greek manuscripts of the New Testament, resulting in a translation controversy--at least in the minds of some.

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I am in the process of translating an American movie called The Other Side of Heaven. In the script is missing the transcript of three extracts from the Bible in Tongan. Do you have access to a translated Bible and if so could you please give me the translation of these three verses in Tongan :

Isaiah 52 : 7
John 3 : 6
and Matthew 14 : 29-31
I'd be very grateful for your help.
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