How many can sign to this position statement?

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seems that it is possible to be KJB-believing n -using but NOT KJBO about it.
how many Bible-believers can state their position with such clarity, conviction, n charity?

Our Stand on the Authorized Version
Statement By Tabernacle Baptist Ministries on Issues of the Scriptures
Adopted, 1988
On the Authorized Version. . . . Recognizing that different convictions exist among us regarding Bible texts and versions, we believe we should balance soul liberty with Christian charity in these matters, and therefore, agree not to magnify these differences. We believe we should leave such discussion and decision to the privacy of individual conscience and the sovereign determination of each local church. Though some men may use certain versions in the study for reference, etc., we require the Authorized Version to be used by our students and missionaries in their preaching in the United States. Also, we ask preachers in our Tabernacle Baptist meetings and conferences to use the Authorized Version. We continue to believe that the Authorized Version is the Word of God in English *Translation form. We oppose all forms of Ruckmanism.
On Bible Preservation. . . We believe God has promised in both the Old and New Testaments to preserve His Words as given to us in the original Hebrew/Aramaic and Greek texts (Psalm 12:6-7; 78:1-8: 119:89; 119:152, 160; Isaiah 30:8; 40:6-8; Ecclesiastes 3:14; Matthew 4:4; 5:17-18; 24:35; 28:20; John 10:35; Colossians 1:17; I Peter 1:21-25; 2 John 2, and elsewhere). By His Providential care, we believe God has kept His Word pure down through the ages as He promised, and we reaffirm what our Baptist forefathers wrote in their London Baptist Confession of 1677 and 1689. It states in part:
The old Testament in Hebrew, (which was the native language of the people of God of old), and the New Testament Greek (which at the time of the writing of it was most generally known to the nations) BEING IMMEDIATELY INSPIRED BY GOD, and BY HIS SINGULAR CARE AND PROVIDENCE KEPT PURE IN ALL AGES, are therefore AUTHENTICAL...
We will not make a particular translation or method of preservation a test of fellowship.
On Translation Work done by Tabernacle Baptist Mission Missionaries. . . The Textus Receptus is to be used in any work of Bible translation done by Tabernacle Baptist Missions missionaries.
Tabernacle Baptist Bible College and Seminary uses only the Masoretic Text for the Old Testament and the Textus Receptus for the New Testament.
"For ever, O LORD, thy word is settled in heaven."
Ps 119:89 KJB