Confraternity NT 1941: I'll confirm for the record that it's public domain

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A few days ago I reached out to the copyright holders of the New American Bible as they previously held the copyright to the Confraternity New Testament of 1941, and I'd heard word that they'd said it was public domain.
They replied to me, and I have the e-mail if need be, confirming; it is indeed in the public domain.  It's a nice transitional translation, admittedly it's a Catholic translation but it's a pretty good one.  If the Challoner version was the Catholic KJV and New American Bible was the Catholic counterpart of the RSV (yes, I know there's an actual Catholic RSV) then this would be its ASV.  A pity they didn't finish a corresponding Old Testament, but went on to create the NAB instead - the NAB is much weaker.
I feel a bit better with this translation out there, it's probably better in many respects than my own. :P
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