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We share in the Tegart family's grief in announcing the passing of BVDB's founder and longtime owner-administrator, Brian Tegart. Brian lost his fight with leukemia July 10 at 4:30 pm, due to complications. His funeral is planned for July 21 at 11 am in Calgary at Brentview Baptist Church (3512 Charleswood Drive NW).

Brian will be remembered for his drive in putting in place the various parts of this forum, including a special Westcott-Hort research section; his patience in dealing with difficult participants; and, above all, his self-critical commitment to the truth, always examining if things adhered to were so.

By day working as a software geek and by night doing his Bible research, Brian has left a good witness for his Lord and Saviour in many places online and has gone to his eternal reward. May his wife, Sandra, and the rest of his family find comfort and courage in Christ in their bereavement.

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16 Jul 2012, 20:47 #2

Thank you BrianT for establishing the BVDB and allowing us a place to discuss so many matters of theological and textual importance! You will be missed, and our sympathies to your family and those who knew and loved you.

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17 Jul 2012, 00:52 #3

I'm so sorry to hear of this. I didn't even know of his illness.

God bless Brian and his family.
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17 Jul 2012, 02:03 #4

This is a terrible loss. May God comfort his family in their hour of need. Brian played an important part in opening my eyes to the absurdity of KJV Onlyism. I first met him on the old NewsGroups like alt.society.christian. This board that he founded also played an important roll. He will be missed.
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18 Jul 2012, 13:14 #5

Very sad! Truly we are but grass. But Brian trusted in your steadfast love; his heart rejoices in your salvation.

Our sympathies go out to Brian's family and loved ones during this time of grief.

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19 Jul 2012, 09:14 #6

May you rest in Him who is your Lord Brian. I will miss you and your support.

Sympathies to Brian's family, prayers for them and for him.
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Wow, I'm so shocked. Image I hadn't heard he was ill. Maybe he didn't want anyone to know? Thank you Kiwi for sharing this information. Brian did make the BVDB to be an awesome place, much needed on the Internet. Praying for his family.
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26 Jul 2012, 02:30 #8

I knew, but I don't recall why. Possibly he sent an email to us admins/moderators at some point. I wasn't aware of the extent of his illness, however.
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26 Jul 2012, 05:19 #9

i just found this obit at the funeral home's site:

TEGART, Brian Neil

August 29, 1970 – July 10, 2012
Brian was born at the foothills hospital in Calgary on August 29, 1970 and bounced into the world weighing just over 9 pounds. He was dedicated at First Assembly Church in Calgary and Baptized at Gospel Centre Church in Edmonton after his family moved to St. Albert in 1978. Brian always had a million questions and absorbed information like a sponge. He loved and fiercely defended his two brothers, Blair and Bob and his faith. BMX biking, basketball, weight-lifting video games and wrestling with any puzzle he could get his hands on were his favorite activities. He loved to read form age 4 and was never far from a book. Brian graduated with Honors from Meadowlark Christian School in 1988 and was already dating the love of his life, Sandra Weigl, whom he joyfully married August 4, 1991. Choosing a career in Computer Programming he graduated from NAIT in the spring of 1992. His last job, with Fekete, was by far his favorite. Brian was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia in February 2011 and spent the last 4 months in Unit 57 at the Foothills hospital where he was so thankful and appreciative of the professional yet personal care he received.
Brian is survived by his wife Sandra; four children Brayden, Brianna, Coleman and Corwin; his Father and Mother Neil and Bev; two brothers and sister-in-law Blair, Bob and Sheri; niece Emmi; Grandmother Myrtle and Grandfather Girven.
Donations in Brian’s memory may be made to the Canadian Bible Society, 10 Carnforth Rd, Toronto, ON M4A 2S4 Telephone: 1-800-465-2425, or Operation Amigo, P.O. Box 9063, Sylvan Lake, AB T4S 1S6, to purchase computers for schools in Mexico.
In living memory of Brian Tegart, a tree will be planted at Big Hill Springs Park Cochrane by McINNIS & HOLLOWAY FUNERAL HOMES, Crowfoot Chapel, 82 CROWFOOT CIRCLE N.W. Telephone: (403) 241-0044.

pls feel free to offer your condolences to Brian's family at this page.
"For ever, O LORD, thy word is settled in heaven."
Ps 119:89 KJB

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28 Jul 2012, 20:17 #10

I am in shock. Brian was one of my first Internet Christian bros. and correspondents. I still have some of his early messages on my old email addy.

Prayers and condolences from the Roby family to the Tegart family. Be comforted by the FACT that Brian is now in paradise, never to suffer again in any manner, entered into Jesus' eternal joy. Still, I shall miss him a lot, for now. But I know we shall all meet in person some day.
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