Bible software recommendations ???

Links, books, software, etc. that deal with Bible versions, manuscript info, church history, etc. Provide info, ask for help with finding books and using software, and more. NO DEBATES, this forum is for reference material only.
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I'm considering taking the big plunge and buying something.
Recommendations? Good? Bad? Horror stories?

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I always recommend WORDSearch. Easy interface to work with and a large number of available books. Also a lot of Greek/Hebrew resources.  The base program (for $30) doesn't come with any books, but you can add a lot of them for free from their catalog. If you buy the Greek Morphology Bundle it includes 2 fully parsed interlinears (Tischendorf and UBS4) and an edition of UBS4 with the Friberg morphology.
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For commercial programs I would recommend Bibleworks. Pricey, yes, but probably has more bundled material than any other source, and doesn't nickle and dime you like Logos/Libronix for every module, etc.
For free downloadable programs, the Online Bible or E-Sword should be ok.

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Buy the $49 introductory bundle for Accordance, which is coming to Windows in 2013. I highly recommend it as the best commercial Bible software on the market, and have myself upgraded to the modules that suit my needs. But if you want the most material for less, Bibleworks is the way to go.

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Biblesoft PC Study Bible has a number ofdifferent levels and price ranges. The Professional package is pricey but has abut anything you'll ever need. Hebrew/Greek resources, commentaries, multiple translations and KJV and NASB keyed to Strong's (the update to 5.2 and will be a standard feature in the next release). I've been using the program since 3.0 about 12 years ago.
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really, depends on what you need.

like, what wld u recommend: a Ford F-150? a Sienna minivan? a Bugatti Veyron? a junkyard bucket of bolts?

isn't there a perfectly legit justification for each?
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