A self-pronouncing idea...

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As you might be aware I've got some Bible sources in LaTeX now, including the PCE, and have been creating variations of them.
I got the weird idea - now most of the KJVs I saw as a kid, they were the self-pronouncing type (though not the type that would go so far as to self-pronounce everything).  I remember getting in a fight with my uncle because I pronounced "Nineveh" exactly as my Bible stated it should be pronounced, which disagreed with how his resources said it should be pronounced.
I'm thinking of writing this into a "sed" script which takes a KJV as input and outputs a KJV as output, using TeX markup - however it must be done - and adds these markers.  Something like, say, s/Nineveh/Nĭn´ĕ∙vēh/g or so.  Though... Would anyone know of a listing online - even in say some facsimile KJV or something - that would be useful for easily creating such a list?
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