1769 KJV editor's work

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25 Dec 2005, 01:52 #1

Benjamin Blayney (1728-1801) was the editor of the 1769 Oxford edition of the KJV.
Do KJV defenders consider Blayney to be a reliable and trustworthy man in his work with the text of the Bible?
Would they consider his view of Bible translation to be reliable?
Did Blayney consider his 1769 edition of the KJV to be perfect and did he consider it to need no further revision?


28 Dec 2005, 19:11 #2

Is Benjamin Blayney, editor of the 1769 Oxford KJV edition, a trustworthy Bible scholar according to the KJV-only view?
Benjamin Blayney's 1782 translation of Lamentations 1:7
Jerusalem hath called to mind in the days of her affliction, and of her abasement, All her desirable things which were in the days of old; When her people fell into the hand of an enemy, and she had no helper, The adversaries saw, they
laughed at her discontinuance.